Mission statement

Build. Support. Empower. There are hundreds of communities of supportive web3 builders - all are online.

TuesDAO’s goal is to make it seamless for web3 builders to empower each other while leaving the Metaverse to meet IRL. Our community empowers builders and contributors who advance the Web3 space and helps them build close, authentic, genuine bonds.

We have three values:

  • Pro-actively support each other
  • Be reliable: doing what we say we will do
  • Remain driven: contribute to the community every time we can

Our community includes:

  • 3 founders and 8 initiative owners implementing chapters
  • 600+ active members, with an incredible mix of cryptographers, founders,  developers, designers, marketers, investors, and students building in the web3 space
  • 7 initiatives for members:
  • (1) Gated speakers panel series
  • (2) Monthly online targeted speed dating : founder-co-founder ; fonder-investor ; recruiter - hirer
  • (3) Weekly IRL speed dating
  • (4) Exclusive access to our directory
  • (5) Sponsored events
  • (6) Exclusive dinners
  • (7) Partnerships with web3 co-working spaces and other events
  • ...and many more coming!